What We Do

Greeve is a technology innovation company that develops bespoke solutions to customers’ needs for mobile and static platform power, monitoring, and control. At the same time Greeve markets a range of standard products designed and tested to survive the harsh conditions of mobile applications and provide reliable service.

With experience in land and marine based platforms ranging from Formula 1 to main battle tanks, and yachts to Royal Navy ships Greeve engineers can offer support services from feasibility assessment to installation and through-life support.

Product Development

Greeve markets a range of products for mobile platforms and remote structures including:

  • Solid state self-protecting power switching
  • Networked power switching
  • Power management and control
  • Battery and power monitoring
  • System condition and usage monitoring
  • Split charge and back-up power
  • Micro-power generation


Bespoke Solutions

Greeve provides bespoke engineering design and development services in digital and analogue electronics, mechanics and mechatronics, and software. Typical applications include data acquisition, condition monitoring, power distribution and management, system control, and auxiliary power generation for a wide range of platforms including:

  • Legacy vehicles
  • Special vehicles
  • Leisure vehicles
  • Mobile shelters and containers
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Remote structures