Monitoring, Control & Automation Products

Greeve’s range of products is designed to provide reliable and proven solutions to the most common platform problems of system monitoring, power distribution, and system control at an affordable price. A number of the products are available as user-programmable systems enabling the customer to take control of product application and ongoing development.

In addition Greeve is happy to carry out bespoke development and product modification to satisfy customers’ exact needs for specific applications.

Condition Monitoring & HUMS

Greeve provides a number of products that enable platforms and platform sub-systems to be monitored. Data can be recorded and accessed in a number of ways and systems can be provided that are used on an install-and-forget basis with remote access to the data.


Power Management

With increasing electrical demands on the power systems of platforms management of the distribution and use of the power becomes vital. Greeve’s range of power management products enables efficient installation and use of intelligent power control. It includes split charge systems, automated power source switches, and networked power switching.


Control and Automation

Greeve provides both generic and specific systems to enable the control and automation of electro-mechanical systems. Programmable Electronic Control Units (ECUs) enable the customer to take a proven hardware design with protected inputs and outputs and add their own control logic. Other systems can easily be applied to customers systems by simple configuration of the ECU.