Power Management

Greeve is a technology innovation company that provides products and bespoke design services for mobile and static electrical power for remote installations and temporary sites. Greeve can deliver system components and complete power solutions ranging from simple battery back-up supplies to complete micro-power generation and management systems. 

Our professional engineering design and integration services enable Greeve to implement systems that fully satisfy customer requirements based on proven reliable technologies. Greeve’s standard product range includes Split Charge Isolators, Power Source Control, Power Distribution Units and Networked Power Management.

PSC Example


Power Distribution UnitsUPS
The PDUs include standard AC and DC  units supplied in stand-alone, rack-mount or DIN rail options. The range extends from simple industrial to fully militarised systems.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Greeve’s range of uninterruptible power supplies offer reliable back-up power using unique battery management technologies that increase battery life and reduce overall cost of ownership.

Power Source Controller
The Power Source Controller takes multiple input power sources and routes the most suitable power to the load. It automatically balances the load between the inputs and copes with dynamic power demand surges.

Battery Management
The battery management products include simple split charge controllers, battery load management, battery condition monitoring, and intelligent control of power to prioritised loads.

Complete Systems
Greeve can supply complete micro-power systems ranging from simple back-up battery power to remotely monitored and controlled generator based installations integrating mains and DC supplies.

Applications for Greeve’s range of power products and bespoke systems installations include: supplying power to remote instrumentation; back-up power for small pumping stations; power for IT infrastructure on temporary sites; communications power for military applications.