Greeve is a technology innovation company that develops bespoke solutions to customers’ needs for mobile and static platform power, monitoring, and control. At the same time Greeve markets a range of standard products designed and tested to survive the harsh conditions of mobile applications and provide reliable service.

With experience in land and marine based platforms ranging from main battle tanks to high fidelity training simulation systems, and yachts to Royal Navy ships, Greeve engineers can offer support services from feasibility assessment to installation and through-life support.



Greeve provides products and services that fit across a wide range of mobile platform industries including 4×4 and Overland, Kit Cars and Motorsport, Military and Specialist Vehicles, and Leisure Marine. The common theme throughout is the need for extreme reliability in harsh environments.

Oil & Gas

Greeve’s range of products suit many oil and gas industry needs. From rugged condition monitoring in harsh environments to the supply of fixing components. Our unique range of solid state switching technologies improve reliability and safety in hazardous environments. Our control and automation expertise provides a wealth of technical support for selecting, designing and implementing control systems from the valve technologies to the software controlling them. Past projects include fuel sampling, SCADA systems and condition monitoring.

Specialist Vehicles

With first-hand experience of very demanding overland expeditions and the severe condition that the equipment must work in, Greeve is well placed to develop products suitable for use on rugged 4×4 and trekking vehicles. Battery monitoring and management, split charge systems and condition monitoring all increase the reliability of the vehicle. These products suit a wide range of specialist vehicle needs including fire tenders, RV’s, ambulances, horse boxes and many more.


Greeve’s engineers cut their teeth on military vehicle technology. The robust, reliable design philosophy owes its existence to working in that sector. From networked power switching, battery monitoring and management, to vehicle condition monitoring (HUMS) Greeve’s range of products provides rugged solutions to operational needs.


The same demands of extreme reliability and durability mean that many of the Greeve products are equally suited to the harsh marine environment. Networked solid state power switching means there are no relay contacts to corrode or arc and much less wiring to deteriorate. Battery monitoring and management system can give warning long before failure is catastrophic.



Greeve markets a range of products for mobile platforms and remote structures including:

Solid state self-protecting power switching

Networked power switching

Power management and control

Battery and power monitoring

System condition and usage monitoring

Split charge and back-up power

Micro-power generation

Our Values

At Greeve we are driven by a passion for developing products and solutions with direct benefits for the end-user. Through our extensive work with land and marine based platforms, ranging from Formula 1 to main battle tanks, and yachts to Royal Navy ships, we recognised the requirement for robust and reliable systems for mobile and static platform power, monitoring, and control.


Quality and Reliability

Greeve strives to provide systems that meet customer need in every way. We apply internal procedures that ensure full design and development control and we test systems throughout the development lifecycle to ensure reliability in the harshest of conditions.



We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to real-life problems, finding ways to eradicate the core contradiction causing the problem, or the most suitable way of dealing with the effects of the problem. We focus on creating better or more effective products and solutions for our clients using creative ideas and methods, meaning they too can stay at the forefront of their industries.

Our Team

The Greeve Systems team includes software, hardware and support staff with a wide range of experience and skills. This, in conjunction with additional support from our parent company, Axiom Manufacturing Services, gives Greeve the ability to be agile and able to cover small bespoke development projects, ‘design for manufacture’ and with the capability volume production requires.

Our Welshpool site houses our software team, skilled in areas including embedded software to high-level operating system design and build; our hardware team, specialising in rugged military equipment and ‘design for EMC’ also has design experience with high-speed digital equipment. Our support staff ensures high standards of quality and process control throughout all aspects of the business.

Join the team

We’re always on the lookout for additional skills to grow our team. If you feel you can bring complementary skills and innovation to Greeve Systems, please get in touch using our contact form.


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