Greeve provides both generic and specific systems to enable the control and automation of electro-mechanical systems. Programmable Electronic Control Units (ECUs) enable the customer to take a proven hardware design with protected inputs and outputs and add their own control logic. Other systems can easily be applied to customers systems by simple configuration of the ECU.

Generator Monitor & Control

The Greeve Generator Monitoring and Control unit is designed to provide remote access and control of on-site diesel and petrol generators. It provides automated functions with manual override. In manual mode the generator can be switched on and off remotely in a number of ways. The unit can be networked to dedicated control panels or a PC; interfaces include CAN Bus and USB and, optionally, Ethernet. Wireless and GSM interfaces are offered as options as well.

The controller can be put into automatic mode. In this configuration the system monitors the voltage on a supply line, either battery or other supply, and switches the generator on when the supply goes low. The controller can be configured to run for a period of time, to ensure full charge of back-up batteries, or until the normal supply is returned. The monitoring functions of the unit enable usage duty cycles to be recorded and potential failures predicted. The normal engine parameters of temperature, speed, and oil pressure can be logged as well as the start battery voltage. Additional parameters can be added including the generated voltage and frequency and supplied current. The system acts as an emergency shut-down control when parameters exceed configured levels.

Standard Features

  • Environmental Protection – IP67
  • Shock – 50g all surfaces
  • Operational Temperature -30ºC to +80ºC
  • CAN II interface
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • 6 switch/PWM 4A outputs
  • 4 channels of sensor/analogue input
  • 4 channels of switched/digital input
  • Pulse/speed input

Electronic Control Unit

The Greeve Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is a generic module designed to be easily programmed to offer real-time control and automation of electro-mechanical systems. The unit can interface to a variety of system data sources and discrete sensors to measure the operational parameters and provides control via digital and PWM high-current outputs. The ECU is designed to operate in harsh environments and reliably operate over long periods of time.

In standard format it includes six channels of 0-10v 12 bit analogue input (options for input filter frequency and sensitivity are available). The Digital inputs are opt-isolated and will switch above 5v DC (max 18v). Two of the channels can be used to measure pulse/frequency inputs up to 50KHz.

The outputs are fully protected and provide 4A/ch 12v switched or PWM output. Channels can be paralleled for higher current drives.

The ECU will operate from 7v to 18vDC (higher voltage versions available) and is protected against reverse polarity connection, load dump, and high voltage spikes.

As well as the option detailed here, the ECU is fully compatible with the Greeve Networked Power Control System and can interface directly with the Greeve Remote Interface Nodes (RINs) to expand digital and analogue sensing and power switching.

Bespoke Development

Greeve can provide systems to meet exact requirements. The ECU can be provided with specific hardware and software implementations to suit customer applications.

Standard Features

  • Environmental protection – IP67
  • Shock – 50g all surfaces
  • Operational temperature – -30°C to 80°C
  • CAN II interface
  • 1 channel USB II
  • Dimensions 135 x 135 x 55mm (main body)
  • 6 channels of 0 to 10v analogue input
  • 8 channels of isolated switched input
  • 6 channels switched/PWM output (4A max/ch)
  • Power – 7 to 18v DC protected
  • Standard data/control rate – up to 1KHz