Battery Monitoring

Batteries are a vital component in mobile platforms, remote installations, and backup power supplies and yet they are often abused through misuse, poor charging, deep discharge, and overloading. For some important installations this means that batteries are swapped out unnecessarily in case they are decaying and in other applications it means that the systems fail when demand is placed on them because there has been no warning of degradation.

The Greeve Battery Monitoring and Management System is a range of affordable components that enable the monitoring and management of battery systems, whether in a vehicle or as part of a backup power system. They range from simple charge and drain voltage displays to full battery charge, health,and load management.

Greeve’s Battery Monitoring and Management System (BMMS) can be scaled to suit the application and budget. From the simple single or dual channel battery voltage display to the full networked Battery and Power Management system. The networked system uses Remote Interface Nodes (RINs) to measure the battery parameters and relay themback to the BMS via a CAN network. The BMS is programmed to monitor, log, alarm, and display the data depending on the application. Each RIN can interface to two separate batteries. The standard basic parameters include cell temperature and voltage; options include current and impedance.