Condition Monitoring & HUMS

The Greeve Platform Condition Monitoring Unit (CMU) is an affordable embedded data logging system that monitors and records the status and operation of mobile platforms. It provides the functionality of a military HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) for military vehicles and other land assets but is equally useful on commercial platforms and even remote fixed installations.

The unit interfaces to on-platform data sources and discrete sensors to measure the conditions of operation, the limits of performance parameters, and the usage history.

Typical interfaces may include CAN bus monitoring to record data (J1932 and others) and discrete analogue and digital sensors such as switch states, temperatures and pressures. Depending on the platform, CAN bus includes such data as fuel demand, engine temperature, boost pressure, vehicle speed etc.

The CMU can also be used to monitor battery condition and provide battery management functions including split-charge control.

Data is stored on internal memory or removable Flash media and can be recovered by changing the Flash device or downloading the data via the USB interface or optionally Ethernet, GSM or WiFi. The CMU can be interfaced to a PC (such as the Greeve Platform PC) to display live data.

The CMU is designed to operate in the harshest environments and reliably record the platform condition over long periods of time.