Battery Management Unit

The Greeve Ideal Battery Management Unit is designed to enable the optimum use of batteries in a back-up power system.

Battery Management Unit Application

The Ideal Battery Management Unit enables a number of batteries to be charged independently and the load to be balanced across each individual battery. This enables both the battery charging and the loading to be optimum for each 12v cell. (Din rail version shown).

The use of the Ideal Battery Management Unit negates the need for parallel and series battery installations with the inherent damage to weaker batteries under charge and load.

The battery Management Unit can be integrated with other Greeve products to build a complete power management and monitoring system including automatic power source selection, power source failure monitoring, and battery health monitoring.

Bespoke Development:
Greeve can provide systems to meet exact requirements; please enquire for details.
Enquire about optimum voltage and power ratings for your application.