Power Source Controller

The Greeve Power Source Controller (PSC) is designed to satisfy the need to monitor a main source of electrical power and switch to a backup supply when the main source fails. It provides contactless switching between two DC power sources which can come from mains powers supplies, backup battery banks, wind turbines, generators, photo-voltaic panels or any form of power source.

The PSC uses solid state MOSFET technologies so there are no relay contacts to wear or generate interference and there is zero discernible switching time.The PSC can be supplied integrated with a mains supply and output DC-DC converters or as a basic switch unit for connection to your own supplies and loads.

It acts in the same way as an Uninterruptable Power Supply but gives the options of alternative sources of secondary power and the ability to size a battery bank to suit the load. The PSC can be fitted with an optional battery charge system for applications where the secondary source is supplied by battery.

The unit can be provided as a stand alone component, as a DIN rail mount component, or as a complete back-up supply with multiple output voltages. Options for higher numbers of input channels are available to enable very robust power source switching systems to be built.