Split Charge System

A split charge system enables you to charge two or more batteries from the same alternator or charger without the risk of the loads on either battery discharging the other battery. Greeve offers two versions of split charge system and you should choose the system that most closely fits your needs.

If all you want is a second battery that keeps a fridge and other devices running when the engine is turned off without the risk of draining the automotive/starter battery, and your auxiliary devices draw no more than 16Amps combined, you only need the basic Split Charge Unit (part No GK093020).

If you want to be able to draw higher currents while the engine is running or you want to occasionally use both batteries to supply high current devices you will need the Split Charge Power Unit (part No GK093010).

The basic Split Charge Unit is a voltage sensing solid state switch that will provide charging current to a second battery if the charge voltage is above 13.5v. When the batteries are not being charged or if the charge voltage is too low the auxiliary battery is isolated and no current is drawn from the starter battery by the auxiliary equipment.