Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Greeve’s range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies offer reliable back-up power using unique battery management technologies that increase battery life and reduce overall cost of ownership.

One of the biggest problems when implementing Uninterruptible Power Supplies is the reliability, failure and cost of batteries. In most systems batteries do not get charged and loaded independently to suit their health which leads to high levels of strain on individual batteries and system failure just when you are relying on it most.

Greeve’s UPS systems apply state-of-the art technology to eliminate these problems. The core of Greeve’s range of UPS systems is the Greeve UPS Engine that uses extremely efficient load balancing circuits that ensure each battery is charged and loaded optimally. Instead of a weak battery being overcharged or discharged to the point of failure the UPS engine manages each battery independently and reduces the load on a weak battery automatically.

A wide variety of system options and configurations are available. Greeve UPS systems can be supplied to suit your exact requirements and include DC-DC, AC-DC, AC-AC and DC-AC configurations. In addition they can be supplied with our without batteries and in power outputs from 200W to several KW.

Greeve UPS System Options

  • Single phase AC or DC input
  • Single phase AC or DC output
  • Modified sine wave or full sine wave mains output
  • Automatic power source switching
  • SNMP or CAN Bus monitoring
  • Alternative battery technologies