Power Distribution Units

The Greeve Power Distribution Units offer a wide range of capability to suit the requirements for the distribution of mains and DC power in mobile and static installations.

On any system the routing, protection and switching of the various power demands can turn a simple concept into a wiring nightmare. On top of that, ad hoc wiring configurations can overload system capabilities and be less than safe. The use of power distribution panels and boxed units ensures that power is distributed around the system safely within the supply limitations and that faults on individual loads do not cause complete system failures.

Greeve’s PDUs provide safe, controlled and reliable installations of power that ensure system availability when it’s needed.

The simplest systems offer direct protected connection from single source inputs to multiple output connectors. The units can include channel switching, fusing and filtering. More complex systems include automatic selection from multiple input sources, power conversion and power switch-on sequence timing to prevent surges.

PDU functions can be combined with Greeve’s range of Uninterruptable Power Supplies to provide very secure and reliable distributed power for a wide range of applications. Further options include remote monitoring and control via CAN Bus, Ethernet or even over the Internet.

System Options and Capabilities:
Greeve can supply both ‘off the shelf’ systems and bespoke units integrating a variety of capabilities and technologies, including:

  • Fused outlets providing connectivity and circuit protection for individual loads.
  • Filtered and fused to run sensitive equipment in arduous conditions.
  • Power conversion (AC to DC and DC to DC) – single and multi-voltage options
  • Power inversion (DC to AC) – from a 100 watts to kilowatts
  • Power line status monitoring and alarming –
  • Volt-free contacts, alarm drivers or network (CAN Bus or Ethernet), web enabled
  • Power supply networked condition monitoring – networked and/or web enabled
  • Power-on sequencing and timing – configurable
  • Automated power source selection – transfers loads to the best power source
  • Load sharing – shares loads between power sources
  • Battery backup and charging – provides UPS capability and reliability
  • Remote switching control – networked and/or web enabled
  • Rack mount, DIN rail or stand-alone packaging from commercial to military spec.